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Strong organizations are grounded in their mission, vision, and values — and we are no exception.

Planning for our future helped us see our need to focus on not only the groups we fund, but the residents that we ultimately serve. Our values help guide how we do our work, but also affirm our commitment to serving our community through everything we do.

Our Mission

We are a Catalyst, fueling the creative energy and vibrancy of our community through Leadership, Collaboration, and Sustainability in order to enrich the quality of life of all of our citizens.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving York County where the arts are an integral component of economic growth and development, tourism, education, and everyday life.

Our Values

We believe we can go farther together. We nurture the relationships that we have and actively seek out new partnerships that will enable us to better serve the entire population of York County.


We value continuous improvement and strive to bring a spirit of innovation and creativity to all of our work. Recognizing that stewardship of resources can require us to act boldly as well as thoughtfully, we actively seek out new opportunities in line with our values.

Catalyst for Change

We recognize that our society is challenged to overcome a complex web of inequities, and we believe that we exist to support all of York County’s residents and strive to lead by listening and acting in partnership with our cultural partners and community residents.


We operate with integrity and strive to be worthy of the public’s trust. We operate transparently and openly, and we assume positive intent, actively seeking the best in each person and situation.


We are accountable to all County residents for ensuring that resources – both human and financial – are managed prudently and to their best use now and for years to come.